We can all make a big difference with small changes. Consigning your sellable items is a great start, but the reality is that not all items are able to be resold in the consignment store. Leaving your items at Sproutz & Uturn allows us to sell whats appropriate, thrift whats appropriate and recycle whats left over.

We DO NOT send items overseas, which puts stress on economic systems, but we WILL sell items that are appropriate and get you some dollars back on your efforts to reduce and we WILL send items to Thriftopia getting much needed products into the hands of people in need. Partner with us and help us make a difference!

If we can sell it we will...

If not, there are many places the items travel to:

After this list, we still have approximately 100 garbage bags a week that Diabetes Association picks up for recycling, and we consider other email requests made through sproutzkidz@shaw.ca . 

Make the most from your items:


  • Freshly launder

  • Neatly fold

  • Bring in season (same as mall)

  • Current (2 years or newer)

  • Complete sets

  • Leave toys with working batteries

  • Sort kids and adults into appropriate bins


  • Leave items with odours (smoke)

  • Just dump in bin

  • Drop off intimate items

  • Leave pilly, stained, stretched or items with broken zippers

  • Leave toys with missing pieces

  • Stuff garbage bag in bin

  • Leave puzzles, plush or VHS

  • Leave items with garage sale or community sale stickers

If you help us by following these simple do's and do not’s we can help you make the most from your items.


Consignor Agreement for Sproutz and U-Turn (*some conditions may apply as affected by Covid19)

  1. Consignor must own valid, photo i.d. to enter into contract with consignee Sproutz Kidz Inc. and must not be linked to any other account.

  2. Drop offs are accepted Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm pm unless otherwise posted at the store.  No drop offs are allowed on Saturdays or holidays.

  3. A drop off consists of two (2) bins: one (1) kid bin, one (1) adult bin,  BUT NOT two (2) kid bins .  There can be one additional oversized item that physically would never fit in the bin. ;i.e. a stroller

  4. You cannot drop off multiple accounts at the same time.

  5. There is a minimum of seven (7) days between drop offs.  Anything dropped off before seven days is subject to donation.

  6. Store drop off bins cannot be removed from the store.

  7. All articles must be freshly laundered and free from any odours, neatly folded and stacked in bin (removed from bags and hangers). It is at the SOLE DISCRETION of staff what items are kept for consignment.  All other items are immediately donated to Thriftopia or another pre-screened charity.

  8. It is ALWAYS in your best interest to bring in season items.  Whatever season the mall is selling is what we are selling.  If out of season items are left, they MAY be stored for later sale, or may be immediately donated.  We have limited storage and will only keep high value out of season items.

  9. The following items will be sent for donation:

    1. Dated, worn, pilled, stained, dirty, torn, or smelly clothing, and items with missing pieces

    2. Items left in bags or with garage sale stickers, stuffed animals, puzzles, VHS tapes, adult DVD’s, cribs, car seats or other items unsellable due to safety codes

    3. Brands that are unreasonable to sell because of low initial cost

  10. Strollers or protective equipment (hockey helmets, exo-saucers, playpens, etc.) must have a CSA or manufacturer sticker dated within the last three years. We do not sell bicycle helmets.

  11. Consigned items can be on the floor for up to 3 months. Items will be marked down 30% after the first month and 50% after the second month.  At the end of the third month items will be sent on.  We do not hold and return items.

  12. It is the consignor’s responsibility to contact the store with regards to credit.  Payouts are on demand, with valid photo i.d., in the form of cash or cheque (at our discretion).  Any credit not claimed within twelve (12) months of the last drop off date, will become the property of the store. 

  13. The consignor receives 30% of the consigned price.

  14. All items are left at the consignor’s risk.



Dropping off consignment for someone with another account

You are able to drop off items for one (1) account when you visit the store.  This can be your own account or someone else's under the following conditions:

  • You drop off for only one (1) account.
  • You wait seven (7) days between dropping off another account.
  • Multiple people cannot drop off for the same account within those seven days.